Instructions for podcast interviewees

Thank you for considering an interview with the Patients Know Best podcast. Our aim in starting this series is to educate others about personal health records (PHRs) and to provide change agents with best practices for their local PHR deployments.

Our interviews are informal but informative. Please use the conversation during the call to fully explain your ideas to the audience and to bounce around ideas you are still considering. Below is a list of questions we like to cover:

  1. Who are you? How did you get started in all this?
  2. What does your company do?
  3. What do people do with your product(s)?
  4. Why do they find it useful?
  5. What do you advise people as they begin using your product(s)?
  6. What have you learned from watching your customers?
  7. What do people worry about that they should not?
  8. What should people worry about that they do not?
  9. What do you wish I asked you?

But we will discuss whatever seems the most educationally useful as the conversation unfolds. A few notes about what we are looking for.

First, you should feel free to promote your product as one of the things we hope to show with these podcasts is that there is a thriving marketplace and customers do have choices. Choices are great because they make the purchasers comfortable that they are not blazing dangerous new territories, but rather using something that works.

Second, the education for the listener comes from the details. In other words, do not just say that your software is great, explain exactly how it is great, and mention clinical examples (while protecting patient privacy of course).

Finally, all the content is licensed through an open source license, i.e. so that you, we, and anyone else are allowed to reuse the recordings in any ways we see fit. Eventually we hope that there will be a rich series of clips to embed in our wiki pages that answer any questions readers may have about PHRs.

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