Interview with Michael Stollar from Hawaii Medical Service Association

Michael Stollar is VP of marketing and communications at HMSA, Hawaii’s Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance company. I had heard about him because of the pioneering work he and HMSA had done with online consultations for Hawaiian patients and he kindly shared his experiences for my new book. Then I learned about his most recent work, this time pioneering social media with HMSA.

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Interview with Fred Eberlein from ReliefeInSite

Fred Eberlein is co-founder and CEO of ReliefInSite. Fred’s career spans more than 25 years in the computer industry, working both in the US and Europe. His interest in pain management started in June 2000 during a meeting he had with Dr. Mark Perloe, in Atlanta. At that time Fred, an earlier investor in the medical technology start-up Ovusoft, was seeking Mark’s feedback on this unique fertility planning application. He had no idea the meeting would evolve into an ongoing and far-reaching interest in pain management that would eventually lead to the creation of ReliefInsite some years later.

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