Interview with David Jones about cyber security

David Jones is the director of WestGate Cyber Security, an information security business specializing in helping business and public sector bodies understand and overcome emerging cyber security threats.

Mohammad Al-Ubaydli: Welcome to the Patients Know Best podcast. My name is Mohammad and today we are lucky to have David Jones on the call. David, can I ask you to introduce yourself and tell us about your background. I was fascinated by the last time I had talked to you.

David Jones: Yea, Sure. It going to be an opportunity to talk to you Mohammad. My name is David Jones, and I’m with a cyber security software consultancy called West Gate and we do a bunch of things at West Gate. One is we develop product – some hardware and software in cyber. We also do a lot of relatively early stage research looking at cyber security. We’ve got a particular interest in the position of cyber security and cyber threat and the public services and in particular health. I guess it’s a bit of shared interest there with the good stuff you’re doing at Patients Know Best.

Al-Ubaydli: Tell me about the increasing threat of cyber security. I was intrigued to hear you describe it last week.

David: Absolutely. Around about two years ago, there was a cyber security strategy put in place by the UK government. At the time that it was published it was relatively controversial in that, despite all the public sector cuts that were coming through, cyber security was one of the very few areas that was receiving increased entries funding. More than half a million pounds is being put, 650 million, in fact, has been put into the cyber from the government. And that is all the money coming through. That is a recognition from the government that cyber security is a threat to the UK on all kinds of levels but it’s a threat which they deem as being close to the threat that terrorism; that the concerns the environmental change; and indeed nuclear can bring to the UK. At the very top level of government, cyber is all its perspective is seen being a significant threat. Now that all very interesting but from the layman’s perspective, cyber is seen as attacking us almost on a daily basis. So it’s a rare that a week goes by that some story or other or some kind of problem where information is leaking out of organizations. Sometimes, that’s through nefarious means where people want to steal what you’ve got. Sometimes, it’s internal fraud – what we call in the industry insider threat; obviously, Snowden is the classic case of that recently. Sometimes, it’s shared political motivations so you get people who feel the need to face it in websites and take action against for organization simple because of a political motive. So there’s a whole range of reasons why cyber threat is becoming increasingly a danger that everyone needs to take seriously.

Al-Ubaydli: And just so we get an example of what the government is spending money on so that we get an idea of what we should be spending money as individual organizations. Where was that 650 million going on roughly?

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Interview with Jon Erickson of Parlerai

Jon Erickson is the co-founder of Parlerai, the world’s first augmentative collaboration service. He has a daughter with special needs and is a longtime Internet Technologist. His technical expertise, business experience and personal responsibility for his daughter led to the vision of Parlerai. Jon has a BS in Management Information Systems from Alderson-Broaddus College, in Philippi, WV.

Parlerai is the World’s First Social Collaboration Network for Children with Special Needs and Their Families, Friends and Caregivers. Parlerai creates a secure network of family, friends and caregivers surrounding a child with special needs and uses innovative and highly personalized tools to enhance collaboration and provide a highly secure method of communicating via the Internet. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to harness the power of the Internet for children with special needs – at any time, at any place, on any device. There are tools for parents, tools for children and tools for caregivers.

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Interview with Rajiv Mehta of Zume Life

Rajiv has led strategy and execution in numerous technologies for more than two decades, including mobile devices, wireless technologies, laser systems, digital imaging, stereo-vision systems and natural language processing technologies. He has played key leadership roles at Apple Computer, Adobe Systems, Interval Research, Regis McKenna and Symbol Technologies. Rajiv has also been a startup CEO twice before – at Tyzx, a spin-out of Interval Research Corporation focused on commercializing a ground-breaking vision technology and at Dejima, a startup that developed proprietary natural-language-understanding technology.

Zume Life supports you as you follow through with you individual health regimen and wellness program. The Zume Life personal health management system enables you to have on-going health activities (such as for chronic disease, weight loss, or treatment recovery) to draw inspiration and support from those in your personal support network, and helps you better track and adhere to your programs and regimens.

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Interview with Dr David Kibbe about Continuity of Care Record

Dr. Kibbe is well known and highly respected as an innovator and independent thought leader in the fields of primary care EHR technology and consumer health IT in the United States. A co-developer of the ASTM Continuity of Care Record standard, or CCR, that utilizes XML for computable health information exchange, he is an experienced clinician who practiced medicine in private and academic settings for more than 15 years. Dr. Kibbe has taught informatics at the School of Public Health, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and founded two health care IT companies. From 2002 until 2006, Dr. Kibbe was the founding Director of the Center for Health Information Technology for the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP), the membership organization that represents over 95,000 U.S. family doctors. The Center is now the locus of the AAFP’s technical expertise, advocacy, research and member services associated with health IT, and a leading international resource on information and communications technology for physicians in primary care.

Kibbe maintains his relationship on a part time basis with the AAFP as Senior Advisor, is an active blogger on health IT policy, and provides strategic, policy, and IT consulting to a wide variety of firms and institutions. He is a frequent speaker on health IT trends and innovations, especially on the topics of patient engagement and physician-patient information sharing.

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Interview with Melanie Swan about personal genomics

Melanie Swan, the principal of MS Futures Group, is an interdisciplinary science generalist and hedge fund manager based in Silicon Valley. Ms. Swan’s educational background includes an MBA in Finance and Accounting from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, a BA in French and Economics from Georgetown University and recent coursework in bioscience, nanotechnology, physics and computer science.

Ms. Swan’s career has focused on research, finance and entrepreneurship, including founding a technology startup company, GroupPurchase, which aggregated small business buying groups. She was Director of Research at Telecoms Consultancy RHK/Ovum and previously held management and finance positions at iPass in Silicon Valley, J.P. Morgan in New York, Fidelity in Boston and Arthur Andersen in Los Angeles.

Ms. Swan serves as an advisor to research foundations, government agencies, corporations and startups and is active in the community promoting science and technology, and opportunities for women. She designs professional and educational simulations, including “Discontinuity Futures,” “Being an Entrepreneur” and “The Trader’s Pit.” Ms. Swan is the former Treasurer of San Francisco-based non-profit Equal Rights Advocates, an Advisory Board member of the Foundational Questions Institute, Lifeboat Foundation and Accelerating Studies Foundation, a presenter at the Expanding Your Horizons math and science conference and co-moderator of the Philadelphia and Boulder Future Salons, free monthly events discussing science and technology innovations and their implications. Ms. Swan speaks French, Spanish and Portuguese.

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Interview with Michael Stollar from Hawaii Medical Service Association

Michael Stollar is VP of marketing and communications at HMSA, Hawaii’s Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance company. I had heard about him because of the pioneering work he and HMSA had done with online consultations for Hawaiian patients and he kindly shared his experiences for my new book. Then I learned about his most recent work, this time pioneering social media with HMSA.

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Interview with Fred Eberlein from ReliefeInSite

Fred Eberlein is co-founder and CEO of ReliefInSite. Fred’s career spans more than 25 years in the computer industry, working both in the US and Europe. His interest in pain management started in June 2000 during a meeting he had with Dr. Mark Perloe, in Atlanta. At that time Fred, an earlier investor in the medical technology start-up Ovusoft, was seeking Mark’s feedback on this unique fertility planning application. He had no idea the meeting would evolve into an ongoing and far-reaching interest in pain management that would eventually lead to the creation of ReliefInsite some years later.

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